Residential Garage Door Accessories

Overhead Door Company™ Universal 3-Door Wireless Wall Console


Control the most common brands of garage door openers such as LiftMaster®, Chamberlain®, Genie®, Overhead Door™ brand, Wayne Dalton®, Linear®, Marantec®, and more! This wall console features completely wireless installation! Compatibility with both rolling code and fixed code dip switch products since 1993. Features Service Parts, 3-Door functionality, “Jogger” DELAY button for all doors, and optional backlighting.
Overhead Door Company™ Garage Door Opener 3-Button Remote


This traditional visor style Overhead Door™ brand remote can control up to 3 different CodeDodger® garage door openers. This remote features a larger overall size, larger buttons with a tactile feel and a clearly visible LED. The remote operates using patented auto seek dual frequency technology (315/390MHz) to ensure the opener will respond regardless of frequency interference and is compatible with any Overhead Door™ brand CodeDodger® garage door opener.
Overhead Door Company™ Garage Door Opener 1-Button Remote


Overhead Door™ brands 1-Button remote has a patented dual frequency technology that automatically finds the optimal frequencies that eliminates unwanted interference. This visor style Overhead Door™ garage door opener is compatible with all verions of HomeLink® and CodeDodger®.
Overhead Door Company™ Garage Door Opener LED Light Bulb


The Overhead Door™ LED garage door opener ​light bulb has been specifically designed and tested to reduce or eliminate remote interference with most garage door openers. It’s a light bulb that is specifically designed to use in a garage door opener unit. This light bulb is shatter resistant and vibration resistant (withstands 5G force!) and has been cold weather tested to -30ºC.
Overhead Door Company™ OHD Anywhere® Garage Door Opener App


Elevate your garage experience by seamlessly integrating it with smart home platforms and delivery partners, ensuring secure and convenient package or grocery deliveries directly to your garage. Unlock a new level of connectivity with the industry’s most extensive array of smart home platforms, enabling advanced features such as geo-fencing, compatibility with leading camera brands, and the ability to effortlessly automate routines with other smart products. Prioritize the safety of your home by taking control of access permissions, receiving timely alerts for prolonged door openings, late-night activities, or instances when you’re away. Simplify garage management with the convenience of operating your door from anywhere, whether through a user-friendly app or the power of your voice. Experience the ultimate in smart living with a garage that not only enhances security but also brings unparalleled ease to your daily life.​​
Overhead Door Garage Door Keypad: OKP-BX


Entry to your home is even easier with an Overhead Door™ Digital Wireless Keypad. No need for remote controllers or keys. The Overhead Door™ Digital Wireless Keypad provides secure door entry for up to three Overhead Door®​ garage door openers.​Our new flip-up cover design is made from a tough, weather-resistant plastic that includes an ultraviolet (UV) additive to protect against sunlight damage. The cover can be easily removed without tools and movement of the cover does not activate the keypad; eliminating the chance of the battery being drained prematurely. Our Digital Wireless Keypad comes with a larger keypad size with easy to read lighted buttons. The keys are fully illuminated for greater visibility. The color-coded program button has been moved away from the numeric buttons to minimize unintended activation. ​This model has a convenient indicator light that alerts homeowners of a low battery. The Digital Wireless Keypad requires a 9-volt battery which is included. The battery compartment features a unique “Triple Lock” design for secure battery retention. The keypad stays programmed during battery change; no need for reprogramming.
Overhead Door Company™ Garage Door Opener Master Remote


The new 3-button Overhead Door® Master Remote is compatible with all Overhead Door® garage door openers manufactured from 1993 to the present, as well as all Overhead Door® gated community receivers and Overhead Door® 9/12 units. The Master Remote features LED indicators and large, easy to find buttons. The Master Remote communicates with up to three garage door openers via an Overhead Door™​ Network Adapter (sold separately), which plugs into the opener. It features a sleek and compact design that provides intuitive use and function, and user-programmable buttons for maximum functionality. The Master Remote is also compatible with CodeDodger® 1 and CodeDodger® 2.
Overhead Door Company™ Garage Door Opener Wireless Wall Console


The Overhead Door® Wireless Wall Console model1026/2026 is an innovative, battery powered solution for your garage door system that eliminates the need for wires running up the wall. This console has helpful features such as a “Jogger Button” (10 second delay), an up/down door button with optional LED backlighting, and a separate work light button to control the light on the opener. The LED backlight has two pulsating speeds and will turn red to notify you when your console batteries are running low. Compatibility – Works with all Overhead Door® CodeDodger® equipped openers manufactured since 2013. Not compatible with Legacy® 800 Model 2026 or Standard Drive® 600 Model 1026.
Overhead Door Company™ Garage Door Opener 3-Button Remote


The sleek design of this Overhead Door® three button garage door opener remote features three push buttons to allow for ea​sy operation of up to three garage doors. This remote is designed to work with CodeDodger® technology, however can be programmed to operate any CodeDodger® enabled garage door opener. This three button remote operates up to three garage door openers and features CodeDodger® 2 encryption technology.​ This remote is designed to communicate with the garage door opener by automatically seeking either the 315 or the 390 frequency, helping to ensure that the garage door opener will respond regardless of nearby frequency interference.​