Commercial Garage Doors

We offer a wide range of commercial garage doors to fit a variety of needs. We know that your commercial overhead door has to be tough enough to withstand daily use, secure enough to ensure your workplace is kept safe, and integrated enough that operating your system is simple. Built from the best materials and with keen attention to detail, you can trust your commercial or industrial garage door from Overhead Door™ is of the highest quality and backed by a Red Ribbon Distributor that is dedicated to you and your business. Our products are long-lasting and hassle-free.
Our premier insulated sectional steel door, ideal for applications that demand the highest levels of thermal efficiency and wind load resistance.​​
These doors offer an attractive solution for commercial and industrial applications where visual access, light infiltration, and aesthetics are key design considerations.
​​​​​​Solidly constructed for reliable performance, the insulated sectional steel-back door is perfect for commercial and industrial applications.
We offer a wide selection of steel and insulated steel doors along with specialized options allowing you to further customize these doors to your specific project requirements.
When you add wind load options to your commercial or industrial overhead door, you gain protection from high winds due to hurricanes and extreme conditions.
Ideal for a host of applications in commercial, retail, corporate, and professional environments, our comprehensive system of counter doors include metal curtain, wood curtain, and integral frame and sill.​​
Designed to close automatically in the event of a fire or alarmed event, our fire-rated doors are available for service door and counter applications in commercial, industrial, institutional, and retail projects.
Constructed of aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel, with optional electric motor, these grilles are designed for durability and easy operation. Our comprehensive line of security grilles provides both reliability and peace of mind.​​​​
Engineered as a high speed offering that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing, the RapidShield® and RapidView® doors have a springless design, requiring minimal interruption for maintenance.
Our RapidFlex​® high speed rubber door features breakaway and self-reset, infrared obstruction detection, wireless reversing safety edges, and an industry-leading five year door system warranty.​
Our RapidFlex​® series of high speed fabric doors offer solutions for both interior and exterior applications.
RapidFreeze™ is an interior fabric high speed freezer and cooler door that features an insulated curtain to prevent temperature loss and condensation.
We offer the industry’s widest array of slat profiles, curtain materials, and colors, creating a virtually endless array of options to satisfy both aesthetic considerations and working requirements.
Heavily visited areas such as retail stores, pharmacies, and hospitals often need the security that the Allura® shutter door offers, as well as the flexibility and aesthetic options.
These attractive and solidly constructed rolling sheet doors are an ideal choice when functionality is as important as value, quality, and aesthetics.