The garage item that can cause some of the most frustrating and confusing problems, but is often overlooked, is the LED lightbulb.

The opener in the garage runs on mandated frequencies set by the government. LED bulbs pulse light through control circuits, which is hardly noticeable, but those circuits also emit a frequency. If your garage opener and LED bulb are emitting similar frequencies, then it causes interference, which means the remotes and keypad signals can have a shortened range, or not work at all.

Overhead Door® Company has fixed that by offering a Garage Door Opener LED Bulb that is specifically designed for your garage openers. What makes this bulb better?

1. Frequency Friendly. Eliminates or reduces opener remote interference by applying a coating that blocks out frequencies, which is typically thinned or skipped by other cost-cutting bulbs.

2. Vibration and Shatter resistant. Check out this video proof when a Overhead LED bulb is dropped from a 40ft scissor lift.

3. Cold weather tested to -22 Fahrenheit with no impact on performance.

4. Long lasting and efficient w/ an estimated 25,000 hours of life and $1.07 per year cost.

5. Shines bright like a….light bulb. (800 lumens)

Overhead Door Garage Door Opener LED Bulb