It may not be something you think about every day but sustaining quality maintenance of your garage door is very important. When issues arrive (like these common problems below), give Overhead Door of South DakotaTM a call. We’ll help you get your garage door back to normal in no time!

Broken Springs

• A broken spring results from normal wear and tear. A standard spring is rated for roughly 10,000 cycles (1 cycle is the door going up and then down). Once the steel spring wears out it will break, and the home owner may hear a loud bang in the garage when this occurs. If it happens while they are away the door will most likely not operate when they arrive back home. It’s a quick fix but it is a hazard. Please seek professional repair.

Broken Cables

• A broken cable also results from normal wear and tear. The torsion spring is wound up to lift the door, but it is the cables that do the lifting. The cables are under a lot of tension and wear out over time. This can occur as a single service incident where the cable breaks by itself or this can occur in conjunction with a torsion spring break. This is a hazard that will require professional repair. Luckily, it is another quick fix!

Door Reversing When Going Down

• There are a few different factors that come into play when diagnosing door travel issues. It could be weather related as doors and operators run differently in the cold of winter. It could be an electronic accessory malfunction (i.e. the safety beam that travels across the opening at the floor could be disrupted or the photo sensors are misaligned). It could be that the electric operator or door itself needs to be adjusted. Most adjustments are needed due to normal wear and tear.

Door Squealing & Screeching

• Door components can become dry and start to get noisy over the course of normal door use. Planned maintenance through our service program can aide in gaining useful lifetime of the door and operator. Simple lubrication and alignment will take care of most door noises that should not occur.

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