It’s a work day. You’re running late. You grab your keys, jump in the vehicle and press the garage door button. You check your rearview as the door goes up and start backing out, then CRUNCH!

Your kids have been at school all day. The bell rings and they head home, hoping to do some relaxing on the couch. They enter the keypad code and the garage door starts lifting, but then SNAP! the garage door falls on one side. Stuck in the opening. They’re locked out.

Scenarios like this can – and do – happen, but could be preventable.

Typically, the garage door is the main door to go in and out of your home. A proper working operator will raise your garage door fully, so you can back out safely. A technician who services your door has the opportunity to replace the rusting or frayed cable, so there is reliable access into the home.

Planned Maintenance Program Examples

The top 5 reasons for proper planned maintenance:
1. Safety
2. Dependability
3. Cost Savings
4. Prolonged Life
5. Peace of Mind

You may find out more and sign up for the Planned Maintenance one of three easy ways:
• Visit our “Planned Maintenance Program at
• Stop by the showroom and pick up a PM brochure at 6408 W 12th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57107
• Call us at (605) 336-6030

Make the Overhead Door Company of South Dakota’s Planned Maintenance Program part of your annual home service routine today.

4 thoughts on “The fastest and easiest way to prevent garage door problems.

  1. I agree that the garage door is the main door to go in and out of your home. My dad bumped into our overhead door and damaged it last night while he was entering the garage. My uncle suggested having a new overhead door and shared this article with him.

  2. Is it possible to replace a damaged garage door panel instead of having to replace an entire garage door? I guess it just depends on whether that panel can be found in stock somewhere?

  3. My mom was about to go out of the garage when our head suddenly dropped, we discovered that it’s covered with rust. It was explained here that a proper planned maintenance can provide security, dependability, and peace of mind. Moreover, it’s best to go to trusted professionals for overhead doors.

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