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Planned Maintenance

Program Check List

  • Ajust Garage Door (As Necessary)
  • Adjust & Lubricate Springs
  • Lubricated Cables
  • Lubricate Rollers
  • Tighten & Lubricate Hinges
  • Weatherseal
  • Adjust Operator
  • Inspect Operator Chain / Belt
  • Lubricate Operator Parts
  • Photoeyes
  • Wall Button
  • Transmitters
  • Keypad

Contact for More Information

Overhead Door
Sioux Falls
6408 W 12th St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57107
(605) 336-6030

Overhead Door
1001 16th St. SW
Watertown, SD 57201
(605) 882-2029

Overhead Door
Brown County
2980 W Hwy 12
Aberdeen, SD 5720
(605) 226-8000

Overhead Door Company of Sioux Falls (1967), Watertown (1988) and Brown County (1998) are locally owned and operated, and have been installing and servicing garage doors and operators in South Dakota for over 45 years, including eastern South Dakota, southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa.

Overhead Door Company of Sioux Falls offers a Planned Maintenance Program to give you peace of mind. This program offers affordable service for safe and proper operation of your home’s garage doors and operators. Regular maintenance saves money and helps prevent untimely breakdowns.

Overhead Door Company of Sioux Falls service technicians are professional, friendly and ready to help. Plus, as an Overhead Door distributor, you can rest assured that every member of the team is trained and knowledgeable.

  • Complete parts inventory
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Priority customer status on scheduling
  • 10% off stock parts and service labor while enrolled in PM program
  • Trained, experienced technicians
  • Residential and Commercial service
  • Locally owned

Benefits for One Low Price 

Inspection on all garage doors and operators that includes lubricating, aligning, adjusting and trouble-shooting forecast for one low price.

Checklist For Verification

Overhead Door Co. of Sioux Falls’ technicians will evaluate your doors and operators. Transmitter and keypad batteries are checked and replaced for FREE if needed (up to 2 batteries on Overhead Door products only).

Service You Can Trust

Annual Planned Maintenance will give you peace of mind knowing your door will run smoothly and safely, and annual service will help prolong the life of your garage doors and operators.  

Preferred Customer Status

10% off stock parts and labor rates on purchase of future garage doors, operators or related residential OVerhead Door products. 

For your safety, repairs and adjustments should be made by Overhead Door Company of Sioux Falls trained and experienced professional residential technicians. This agreement is not intended as a warranty program and does not cover emergency calls. Additional service may be required from normal wear and tear.”